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Light Tunnel

Immersive Light and Sound Scultpure

This 50m long x 3m tall structure was created using a series of parallel 270 degree rolled steel arcs each offset in rotation.

Each arc contained an array of LED lights which were programmable as down the entire length of the structure as individual pixels which could have their colour and intensity set in time.

Commissioned by Waddesdon Manor for their presitgious Christmas Carnival in 2018, the structure was co-designed with Lightpool, the company behind the Blackpool illuminations who brought their vast experience to the project.

My roles were as construction consultant during the design stages construction supervisor during installation on site with a team of Production Arts students from the Guildhall School.

The soundtrack was played using the structure itself as a series of speakers. Transducers were attached to each ring and a multi layered composition by students on the Electronic Music course transitioned spatially up and down and turned the structure into a giant sound sculpture.

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