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Dance Music

Artistic co-residency at Bournemouth dance centre

I spent a week working alongside Fine Artist Rita Brown and Lila Dance during the development of their work 'The Incredible Presence Of A Remarkable Absence'.

We were invited to respond to each others creative practises during the creation of work. This was the first time I had worked with field recordings and this week really provided the foundation from which the Lost Sound Project was born.

I recorded the sounds of the dancers and their movements and interaction with props.  I also went out into the envrions of the building and it's surrounds to capture field recordings.  I recorded the mark making activities of Rita and her actions during the creation of her art and in the preparation of her equipment.

Addititionally I worked with Lila's Musical Director Doug who provided some guitar riffs for me when I was stuggling to create melodic sounds.

I found the process very challenging and I was afraid to share my process or results. Eventually summoning the courage to play what I had made to the group I received some really positive feedback which was very encourgaing.

This week inspired me to think about making music from found sound and by creating my own sounds instead of using samples

Lila Dance DemoLost Sound Project
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