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Sample based music made from samples taken from crate dug records bought in second hand shops and the weird and wonderful world music stocks of local libraries. Brains started his music making journey as part of the troublesome musical twosome Brains & Virgin.  This music performance act terrorised the dive bars of East London during the mid noughties.

This is how Brains learnt his craft, trying to make music from bits of other music using machines that were half past cutting edge but enabled the triggering of samples and layering of sounds that could be played live in response to Virgins mad ramblings on the microphone.

Eventually Brains & Virgin split up of course, Brains went instrumental producing beats based antifolk'n'bass from old records and world music CD's borrowed from libraries.

The tools remained the same, hardware samplers and effects; Akai MPC 2000XL, Akai Remix 16, and Akai MFC42

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