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Fire & Flint

Hyper-accurate Scale model created for projection mapping tutorials

Fire & Flint was a festival that celebrated the past, present, and future of Brandon. A series of events and worshops delved into the history of Brandon and its residents, culminating in a live projection animation show by Anomic Multimedia on to the town hall.

This accurate model of Brandon Town Hall in suffolk was produced for Anomic using a 3D laser scan of the building.

Highly complex point clouds are processed to produce an accurate CAD model.  The facades of the building were exctracted from the data to create a net. Textured details of bricks and slates were added to the surfaces and the architectural features extracted to produce layers.

Using a laser cutter to create all the components, the task of assembling the model from thin ply was challenging, particularly the compound angled cupriol roof of the tower and bay front.

Once delivered to Anomic Multimedia, the model was used in a series of workshops teaching video design and projection mapping to local groups.

The resulting work was projected onto the real town hall accompanied by a soundtrack featuring oral histories collected as part of the project.

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